Make Compassionate Choices With Confidence With EVE Vegan® certification

For Those Who Cherish Animals

As conscious consumers, we understand that making informed choices is important to you. In the absence of regulations regarding the VEGAN claim, the EVE Vegan® certification is proof of transparency and attests that the product you buy is fully vegan. This page is your gateway to valuable information about our vegan certification mark.

Looking For Animal-Friendly Products ?
Why Choose EVE Vegan® Certification:

Every choice we make holds the potential to impact our plant and its living beings. By supporting pratices that respect the environment and animal welfare, veganism contributes to creating a better world for all.

Promoting a Kinder, More Sustainable World

At EVE Vegan®, we strive to create a better future by encouraging change for the environment and showing compassion for all living things. Our values are deeply rooted in compassion and integrity. You can be sure that our certified products are made without participating in the animal trade, by adhering to the principles of veganism.

Our High Standards
What Sets us Apart?

Our impartial, transparent and strict certificationprocesses ensure the trust in the EVE Vegan® certification mark. We maintain high standards and an uncompromising approach in our transparent, independent certification process, which includes demanding dossier submissions, substantial evidence provision, and on-site audits.

Be a Part of the Vegan Movement:
Empower Change, Promote Sustainability

Explore informative ressources, catering to both vegan and non-vegans, for spreading awarness about the benefit of vegan certification.

Discover a comprehensive list of brands and products that proudly bear the EVE Vegan® certification mark, ensuring your purchase are truly alignd with your values.

Companies with EVE Vegan®  Certified Products

They choose our certification program.

Find out more about product and factory certification services.

Your Questions Answered

Explore our frequently asked questions section to find clear answers to common queries about EVE Vegan® certification. We're here to address any concerns you may have and provide the information you need to make informed choices.

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the planet we call home! Stay updated with our news and tips by following us on social media.

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The EVE Vegan® certification mark is a certification program mastered by Expertise Vegane Europe company whose objective is to evaluate the conformity of products and processes according to the criteria established in the EVE Vegan® standards of conformity. The objective is to guarantee compliance over time with the requirements for the use of the vegan claim on products or services. By signing up with the EVE Vegan® certification mark, you agree to comply with the certification procedure and the criteria of the standard throughout the duration of the certification.

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