QCS Services - Partner

Florida Certified Organic Growers And Consumers DBA 

Established in 1987, QCS Services is our partner for vegan food certification in the USA. Specializing for over 30 years in the field of organic and ethical certification, they are now working alongside us to be able to offer the EVE Vegan® certification program.

Areas covered (not exhaustive) :

  • United States
  • Ecuador
  • Caribbean

Contact : qcs@qcsinfo.org

The EVE Vegan® certification mark is a certification program mastered by Expertise Vegane Europe company whose objective is to evaluate the conformity of products and processes according to the criteria established in the EVE Vegan® standards of conformity. The objective is to guarantee compliance over time with the requirements for the use of the vegan claim on products or services. By signing up with the EVE Vegan® certification mark, you agree to comply with the certification procedure and the criteria of the standard throughout the duration of the certification.

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