Why does the EVE Vegan® certification bring security for everyone?

The security of a third party certification

The EVE Vegan® certification standard protects, secures and enhances the use of the vegan allegarion in trade. In the absence of regulation, it is essential to understand that behind the word VEGAN there are many problems of perception. Too little public awareness of the subject is the reason for this. But by the way, what does the term Vegan mean? There is a consensus of criteria validated by the vegan associations in the world. However, public opinion tends to diverge from this, or to simplify it, thus harming the consumers who trust it. Let's look at this in detail...

The loopholes of non third party certification for VEGAN claim

Until now, in the absence of an obligatory context for companies, the use of the VEGAN claim is mostly used in the form of self-declaration. This means that companies are free to choose to use the vegan claim without third party control. However, the interpretation made by the marketing teams or quality managers of companies is not always adequate, too often vague, incomplete or even misleading.

The loopholes of self-declaration

The following is a summary of the shortcomings of self-declaration when the vegan claim is not monitored by an independent body.

What are the major flaws?

  • The company does not specify the scope of this claim: what exactly does it cover?
  • The company does not know everything about its raw materials : has it obtained clear certificates from its suppliers? What criteria do they commit to?
  • Companies, depending on their industrial field, still have legal obligations to test on live animals, including in Europe. Compliance with this criterion (not tested on live animals) is often forgotten.
  • Companies will not focus on controlling cross-contamination or monitoring compliance over time without external obligations.


Self declaration is enabling legal recourse

The self-declaration does not allow the consumer or the administration to seek redress from a company that abuses the claim. A mandatory certification process allows for legal action if non-conformities are found.


Define a guarantee field is urgent for the future of vegan industry

A certification guarantees to retailers and consumers that the certified product meets well-defined criteria. And that all products meet the same criteria. And above all that the verification of the criteria has been carried out by an independent third party.



Misinterpretation or partial interpretation of vegan claim criteria.

Certification bias & Partial information

The content of the attestations and certificates used do not cover all the necessary criteria.

Duration of validity

The compliance of raw materials changes over time: they remain without regular monitoring by companies after using the claim.

Quality System

No commitment about production risks as cross-contamination, change of supplier, change of raw material, staff training, etc.

The product labelled as VEGAN ...is not vegan.

Would you be satisfied with buying a product because it is advertised as vegan, and then realising that in reality it is not. Worse, it is less compliant than one that does not indicate whether it is vegan? What happened to your choice?

CONSUMER RISK : The act of buying based on the claim has no impact or a negative impact.

BUSINESS RISK : Misleading advertising, consumer loss, bad buzz, fraud reporting.

MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER RISK : Loss of customers, loss of orders, claims for compensation.

Don't take the risk of losing your business or clients.

EVE Vegan = 
Security + Opportunity

Our impartial, transparent and strict certification processes ensure the trust in the EVE Vegan® mark. We maintain high standards and an uncompromising approach in our transparent, independent certification process, which includes demanding dossier submissions, substantial evidence provision, and on-site audits.

Join Our Certification Program!

The EVE Vegan® certification mark is a certification program mastered by Expertise Vegane Europe company whose objective is to evaluate the conformity of products and processes according to the criteria established in the EVE Vegan® standards of conformity. The objective is to guarantee compliance over time with the requirements for the use of the vegan claim on products or services. By signing up with the EVE Vegan® certification mark, you agree to comply with the certification procedure and the criteria of the standard throughout the duration of the certification.

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